Theo's Home Page

    Yes! Here it is! The REAL page. Sorry that it's a bit late, but... well, fact of the matter is, I had to finish up a project. I hope you think it was worth the wait. Oh, and please, feedback is good.

    Here's the selection of stuff I have for you to choose from:

  Artwork 'n stuff!
    This has artwork, backgrounds, neat lines and icons, and links to other cool picture sites.
  Info about me (sorry, folks, kinda had to )
    This has, well, information about me... includes a picture, picture of parents (HA! Didn't think I would, did you?), resume, and links to all sorts of places that interest me.

    Just a little side note. If you see a , it means <insert smile here> or something along those lines. It probably means I'm kidding about something, or I was being ironic.

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